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Love Deprivation-Finding your partner

Love - Getting it Right

When a person cannot show love or receive love properly in relationships we call it love deprivation. This can be in a relationship with friends, family, partners, or a potential partner.

Signs of emotional-love deprivation

Not feeling emotionally supported

Not expecting your emotional needs to be met

Feeling like you can’t rely on people for

proper guidance or advice.

There’s a void, or a black hole in your life

Feeling like something is missing

You don’t feel special to anyone

You often can’t share true feelings

You can’t share important emotions

and events about your past

Emotional Deprivation

Emotional deprivation was originally discovered in the 1950’s by Dr. Anne A. Terruwe.

She stated

“frustration of the natural sensitive need for unconditional love” could not be captured.

Emotional deprivation can be observed in many ways. A person may have a great need for support, attention, and validation. The need is very out of proportion from the norm, due to the fact that they have not gotten their needs met in their past.

Steps for healing:

Respect your partner

Respect yourself

Never stop working on yourself

Never stop working on your relationship

Communication- Speak up-Learn how

Spend quality time together

Love yourself

In therapy we will examine any self sabotaging behaviors and thoughts which could alienate

a potential relationship partner. There are behaviors that can ruin relationships. These

behaviors may stem from thoughts, inner negative beliefs, and survival techniques of the past. These thoughts can be conscious or subconscious. The thoughts from emotions, and can send out signals to others unintentionally.

It’s important to work this out within therapy.

I often use a strategy referred to as “the possible you”, and "mindfulness".

The tools used depend on what is brought up during the session.

What’s most important is not to fulfill a self fulfilling prophecy, “He or she is not for me because…”. These thoughts may arrive from your core belief about yourself.

The thoughts may be in the form of voices you heard from other sources, that made an impact on you. There are times we must clarify what is relevant and true is the present situation. There are many other factors that may be holding you back, past, triggers and drama’s of past failed relationships or experiences.

The perfect partner, and rewarding relationships are a minute away. Lets untangle the

the chains that hold you back and create a successful chain reaction, leading towards your

best life.


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