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My Approach

Asking for any sort of help is incredibly brave. 

During a counseling session, there are many different avenues, therapies and techniques that i use to achieve your goals in getting your best life.  The process usually has a beginning, middle and an end.  The beginning is a means of getting to know you and design a process that best fits your unique style, situation, budget and personality. We will build a relationship that you are most comfortable with, so you can feel safe and be able to speak freely and release what is on your mind.  

The initial stage of our work together is to complete a protocol. The protocol is an integral part of the therapeutic process

This can be done either together, or you can fill it out yourself, and we can go over the details that are about your world. We do this so that we have a clear understanding of the things that are important to you.  This protocol is important. think of it this way; would you go to a surgeon or a specialist and let him operate on you without an examination? No, you would not want someone to work with you without carefully getting to know your world, your circumstances and who you are and how it effects you. The vital information you present, helps us navigate the therapeutic process, and creates the information needed to provide, relief of symptoms and emotional baggage.  It's central to facilitating the process of creating a skill based therapy which relieves distress and restores health and resolution.


During the first phase of getting to know you i will support and guide you on your journey of reaching your best life.


I use many different therapies during our time together so we can assure your comfort and a growth.

Therapies can fall under the following categories;

DBT / Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DBT begins with skill based mindfulness, which has techniques to free yourself of negative thoughts and eliminate life's pressures. DBT has many stages. DBT is effective in balancing your mind, thoughts and actions to a healthy place of your choice. There are 4 stages of DBT and we can work with the stage and technique that best fit you needs.


EMDR / Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

The goal of EMDR, is to produce rapid and effective changes in your life.

EMDR is a therapy to resolve and gets rid of the effects trauma.  This will help you heal from emotional distress and trauma symptoms that are disturbing your life experience. Some of these disturbances might be memories, symptoms or reactions that are negative life blockers stopping you from moving forward as you want to. The net effect is that you will achieve thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that will empower you. Once you have completed the treatment of EMDR you will achieve reconciliation of mind, bod and soul in a healthy way. You will have relieved distress and will be able to re-frame unhealthy thoughts and feelings from entering your desired best life.


CSAT / Certified Sex Addiction and Trauma

I am a trained and Certified Sex Addiction Specialist and a Supervisor.

Sex addiction is a harsh name for an addiction or thought process, of which can either create or destroy someones life. When dealing with relational issues there can be feelings of discomfort that one may have both with self and with others.  Sometimes the pain is so great that we need comfort, which can be an unhealthy action, to cure the painful feelings. The system includes an addictive side, a compulsive side, and an aversion side and/or an Anorexic side.  Many of us feel confused in relationships.  Through this treatment and technique based therapy, a person can achieve a healthy relationship with themselves and others.  There are many categories that fall under this therapy.  Love addiction, Eating disorders, Multiple Addictions, Drugs and alcohol, Cannabis, Internet Addictions, Money Addictions, Over and under earning, Money  Finance Disorders, Love Addiction, and the Love Depravation.  Many phases of treatment and recovery are dealt with during the therapy. Each part of treatment is individually created to fit your needs. Identity disorder and off- the derech behaviors and complications are also addressed within this category. The object is to help you navigate your life in the way you choose that fits your needs in the most healthy way possible for you.

The Possible You

This is a technique and formulated therapy which enables you to move your life forward in a positive productive way.  This is a technique based therapy.  You will gain real life tools.  This is a means of transformation.  Your limitations are removed into a break-free atmosphere of personal freedom from blockages and obstacles that stand in your way. These are techniques and exercises that help you throughout your life.  It is a conflict resolution for unhealthy thoughts, relationships and behaviors that do not serve you in a positive way.

Prep Premarital Counseling

Prep Therapy is for pre marital couples, couples and those who are in the dating / relationship stage.

This is designed to help you with you future married life. It is for either; dating couples or engaged couples or individuals who want to have a successful outcomes in their dating process. The goal of treatment is to learn how to communicate effectively and work together to solve problems, manage conflicts, without destroying closeness and intimacy. Prep training enhances friendship, trust, clarity and commitment. I would like you to gain a feeling of wholeness, and create space and clarity and actions to reach your best life. 




Break-Through & Live Your Best Life.

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