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Are You Just Survivor of Life or Are You Self Actualizing

Are You Just Survivor of Life or Are You Self Actualizing

What's The Difference?

It makes all the difference in the world. It's the highest form of self actualization which is the fulfilment of your full potential in your everyday life.

Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs

Many aspects of the human being encompasses a person’s self esteem. Emotions, Interpersonal behaviors, core values, maladaptive behavior, cognitions and thoughts may all have a role in development of your self esteem.

The latest research reveals that when a person recalls images of failures in one’s life, it changes how they look at the past event. This memory has an impact that can affect their present state of well being. A great deal of how a person feels about himself is developed and maintained in their core concepts.

According to Abraham Maslow, a psychologist who “created Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theory of psychological health predicted on fulfilling innate human needs in a priority , culminating in self actualization”, there is a great need to self actualize in order to feel a

sense of accomplishment which builds self respect. Self esteem is actually on a lower part

of the chart, assuming one needs self esteem to build self actualization. We all know that someone cannot achieve their goals by using their full potential, if there feeling of positive self esteem and self respect are not congruent.

How is self esteem built?

A process of growth of which one bridges self awareness and self respect takes place. Self esteem is maintained and created through accomplishments of certain tasks. The maintenance of daily rituals can be attributed to maintaining self esteem as well -( according to Tony Robbins-life coach/philanthropist) Self esteem is built through the mastery of specific tasks. Competence that is established through the activity of getting a goal met, will support a higher form of self esteem.

Signs of low self esteem

Seeking constant validation

Lack of respect for self and others

Placing unrealistic demands

Unrealistic expectations, demands and goals on oneself

Low self esteem

Many times people have a low self esteem.

The sense of low self esteem affects a persons

social level. This attitude may stump you

Growth of achieving realistic goals you set for Yourself.


Therapy helps you work on creating goals that you can achieve and maintain. Self actualization is a dialogue you have within yourself, that you have established at some time within your life.

A person creates this when they have met certain needs, as in Maslow’s chart. When there are disruptions and interruptions in the dialogue, it becomes increasingly difficult to generate proactive measures to complete important tasks you set out for yourself to do. When we work on your goals, and you are able to self actualize and focus on what matters most, this will define who you really are. Having a low self esteem impeeds self actualization and lowers your self respect.

The goal in therapy is for you to reach the ultimate satisfaction, and respond to challenges, interruptions, and issues in a productive manner. The greater your capability to define yourself, will help you focus on what matters most, in creating who you really are. Self respect is gained which intern creates proactive measures and approaches to better yourself and your situation. Drama’s, dilemmas, confusion,fall away when new paradigms are created . Self esteem is known to be created as early as age two. Maslow places self actualization at the top of the list. It’s never to late to recreate yourself.

Your potential is endless! Let’s start working together on it today, to create a life of boundless satisfaction. Send me a message in the chat box - lets talk and arrange your first session - be an actualizer.


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