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Hey, I need my Mom today!

Updated: May 11, 2020

Course, it is mothers day, what a great way of remembering your mother. In actuality what memory can you share about your mother, that stands out in your mind?

I cannot decide if I should think of my own children growing up, as being their mom, or my own mother? Or perhaps my older sister Judy, who was like a mother to me, we are ten years apart.

When I was a new born she was so excited to have a baby sister that she wrapped me up and put me in her doll carriage. I guess with all due respect, I'll start out with my

mother, who is no longer with us. My mother always had everything in place, a skill I have not acquired really. I guess my favorite memory of her, was when I was a little girl and she would exercise with me, I was about five years old. I had no idea what she was doing or why

but when she saw me from the corner of her eye, trying to imitate her she didn't laugh, she smiled. I actually thought I was really good.

I once took my girls as teenagers, to zumba, the minute I started dancing, they were laughing so hard they had to leave the room. Anyways I am sure you could share some

memories with your mom as well?

"No matter how old a child may be sometimes they need their mom"

"The very fact that you worry about being a good mom

means you already are one! Jodi Picoult

"Never Complain about what your Parents couldn't give you, It was probably all they had"!

Anyways today is a day to remember all those moms, and aunts and grandmothers, also sisters, who loved us. All the birthday cakes they made, and the suppers they cooked. All the sleepless nights worrying for you. It's a special day to take out a moment, and say thanks mom, I really love you.Just thought I would share a few memories, and I look forward

to your comments, and your shares about how you remember growing up.

Lots of love


To all you Moms, Going to be Moms, Grand Moms, Great Grandmothers, Aunts, Babysitters, Great Great Grandmothers, Thank you for being you and taking care of us.

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