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Are You Suffering From Anxiety Or Stress?


Stress and or trauma experiences affect on the brain. It can be symptoms of a disease. It may be triggered or not, by an anxiety disorder. It can create pain in the body, physically and mentally.

Many mental health professionals define anxiety feelings as an anxiety disorder. Anxiety may develop without an external stimuli. It does not always accompany triggers. There are many different forms of anxiety.

In our work together we will examine you personal history, symptoms and any manifestations you are experiencing, to create a perfect solution for you.

Here are some of the symptoms you may be experiencing; restlessness, fatigue irritability, muscle tension, sleeping difficulty, difficulty in concentrating .... A general feeling of being out of sorts, and not being able to glide through you life, as you would like to, with ease and performance which creates your best life. GAD - Generalized Anxiety Disorder

This is a disorder that is characterized by excessive worry. It may include irrational worries, that feel rational. It may produce anxiety about several activities, or events. These symptoms, interfere with your well being more days then not, and have been bothering you for at least six months. GAD affects 6.8 million adults or 3 percent Of the U.S population, in a given year. Gad includes Social anxiety, Specific phobias Panic disorder, OCD Obsessive compulsive disorder, Post traumatic stress disorder. PTSD-Post- traumatic stress disorder This is a mental health condition that is triggered by events which can be conscious or sub conscious, which are frightening, and create flashbacks, and anxiety. Traumaʼs are developed by past present and future events. A person will struggle with fear, stress, anxiety, and sadness. A persons body responds to trauma in many ways. The body send out signals, or “warning” . There is a “ flight or fight” mode that goes into gear. This mode releases adrenaline, to sometimes give you a quick flash of energy. When one is experiencing the brain change, the amygdala is alerted. The amygdala is your pain and alert centre. After the alert goes out, the area that controls memory, the hippocampus, becomes smaller, since it cannot always process the signals, if thereʼs a great deal of signalling without processing. This is where therapy steps in. Therapy, such as EMDR, will help you process there thought, increasing the path in the hippocampus, resolving the alert and painful thought issues and feelings. When your brain is at ease and you are processing in a calmer manner, and releasing some of those memories or experience and your frontal lobe; your decision making area of the brain, can make clear safe decisions. The symptoms of PTSD last for at least a month if not more. There are signs of PTSD, perhaps your sense of fear and anger is exaggerated. Your level of fear, anger and helplessness, are more dramatic then the appropriate situation calls for. PTSD may have symptoms of headaches, chest pain, nausea, extreme anger, sadness, overwhelmed, or irritated. Sometimes there may be feelings of guilt, feeling numb, avoiding events, people , places or things. Basically PTSD can Paralyze your life.

It also has a reflection on your trust in many areas. Itʼs important not to blame yourself. Handling trauma should be done with your therapist. By going through the process of EMDR, we can create feelings from weakness or inadequacy to strength and feeling perfectly adequate to handle any hurdles that come you way, leading to the best life and contentment. ANXIETY vs STESS Stress is defined as a disruption in your normal balance of homeostasis. When you are exposed to stress stimuli there is increased activity in both the body organs, such as hypothalamic-pituitary axis. There are also hormone releases.

Stress is measured through a very thorough questioners, given during the initial therapy session. It takes time and effort to clearly define the stress, but I work hard on making this a comfortable and safe while creating an effective process to employ methods to reduce the symptoms and eliminate this issues confronting you in the areas of stress that may be throwing you off balance.

I am certified in DBT, which is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I help you learn these method so you can create cognitive and behavioral responses to the issues you are facing. These methods are clear and rewarding once they are practiced. Many clients feel uplifted and successful in using this collaborative skill on a daily basis. I also have run many successful DBT groups using DBT skills.

The body will use stress as a motivational tool. Through the fight or flight mechanism, information is communicated to a person. Too much stress will create too many signals. This can take over a person natural ability to create healthy decision making processes. These constant feelings of stress, will have an affect on someoneʼs health and well being.

Reactions to stress in the body When the body gets stress signals , the body may distribute thoughts of fear, anxiety, mishap, danger. These feelings and or thoughts create and produce epinephrine and norepinephrine. Cortisol also may be released as well. The body may have many physical reactions. Reactions such as sweating, Pain, cramped muscles, headaches, nervous twitches, feelings of pins and needles, in hands and feet, increased blood pressure, alertness, heart racing, the body may react in sleep decreasing, immune activity decreasing and digestive systems speeding up. Cortisol has an affect on the brain structure. Cortisol can also be stored in the cells and create future genetic issue.

When a person feels they donʼt know about the unknown, or it takes too much effort, Has too much responsibility, persistent negative responses to challenges they face, thereʼs a shut down that occurs in functioning. Procrastination can set Iʼm, happiness and contentment goes down, while stress continues to rise. At this point we have an inability to build proper coping mechanisms. Our chances of creating and building resilience are at an all time low or non existent. Therapy helps you rebuild those essential tools that create the ability to forge ahead and make great moves to Enhance your everyday life and future.

There are other factors that affect stress in your everyday life; Relationships - family, friends, marriage, divorce, children , birth, death, loss ,illness The lack of money and or time. DIET Family issues Moving a home Jobs/ retirement/ unemployment/ recreating your employment Aliya, moving to another country PANDEMIC Pregnancy/ loss/ infertility, miscarriage Being single, single Mom, single Dad, adoption Crime Neighboorʼs Parents, having one, or being one Grandparent, grandchild issues Alienation of parent, grandparent, child Noise , overcrowding, germaphobic Confusion or chaos Emotional reactions to stress; Anger, burnout, fatigue, insecurity, irritability restlessness, sadness, food cravings Angry outbursts, cigarette smoking, social withdrawal, crying, communication problems ...

If these factors get worse it may exhibit in a anxiety condition. Heart disease is a number one killer, across the world. Stress can create issue to create lower immunity, poor digestion, increased hormonal production and can affect the heart other body organs. Stress is a factor is a factor in erectile dysfunction and arousal dysfunction. Treatment

Therapy plus self help techniques will help with the condition of underlying stress I will also help you monitor you exercise, nutrition, communication, experiences Home management, time, relaxation, and other factors to create a stress free life with you. Using DBT and or EMDR techniques which will be fused with other therapeutic interventions will be both educational and create the calm, safe health restoration to help you be productive, happy and serene. We will work together on other ways of coping, that are fulfilling and productive. The entire treatment process Is structured to help you in a time efficient way. You will once again achieve your best life, leaving the stress, burden, confusion, and chaos, behind. We will achieve great outcomes together. Letʼs get started!


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