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Updated: May 7, 2020

Do You Need A Matchmaker?

Matchmaking Services - Find Your Perfect Partner

I work closely with Mrs. Judith Abrams to help you find your perfect match.

Judith & her husband made Aliyah to Israel four years ago and live in Jerusalem. As an educator and outreach professional she has always mentored men and women on various religious levels. This included helping them to get married and stay married.

Judiths approach is open and honest communication with the people who truly want help. Judith specifically works with the ages of 30-50+ . Most of the people she Interviews are orthodox, employed and committed to growing within a Torah observant environment.

If you are interested in getting married Judith can help you. We will need your resume, picture, conversation by phone and then in person. You can reach Judith me by email or by phone 0584056216.

Judith Looks forward to making your tomorrow even better than today.

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